We’ve been dreaming


We’re more excited than ever, but we can’t do this alone.

Help us transform an empty, retired warehouse into 10,200sq feet of creative space, designed for worship and community to thrive.

In 2007, we gathered in our living room to worship Jesus. Soon, 75+ high school and college students from all over Knoxville joined us. We packed out every square inch of that living room with young adults pouring out their hearts and prayers to Jesus. Watch it here.

This past spring, we outgrew our living room and moved to a small building near downtown Knoxville. This new space quickly maxed out with 150 people inside and 50 more outside listening through the windows. With new faces continually joining us we're learning that whatever space we meet in, young people fill it to the brim.

Today, we have run out of room. So we’re expanding our living room to fit 400 more friends.

400 more young people with an opportunity to experience the love and power of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Funding Progress.

Our dream is big. Way bigger than us. But we're making great progress! Check out how the funding's been going, and consider helping us make our dream a reality!

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What's a funder?

Oh, that's jut a fancy term for somebody who has pledged to support our project. To support to our project, and get rewarded just click the green “FUND OUR PROJECT” button. You will be asked to select your pledge amount and the reward that goes along with it. From there, you will go through the Paypal checkout process. Note that you must finish the checkout process for your pledge is to be recorded.¹

If we successfully reach our goal, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That's why they call them pledges.

Support us and we'll give you stuff!

¹ If our campaign is not fully funded in the 30 days, you get to keep all your money. No matter what. View all the indiegogo rules.

$0 @ 15%

In matching pledges.

Match it!

Uuuuuhh... Matching?

We're looking for partners from around the world who see the breath of God on our ministry and feel led to support us.

There are no rewards here, just love. All fundMATCH pledges will go towards the discounted purchase price of the building ($300,000), plus any additional renovation costs ($200,000+).

All donations are received by a 501(c)3 and are tax deductible.¹

Ready to make a pledge?

If you back us, we'll give you stuff.

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That's right, actual things. None of this "We'll tweet with you" mumbo jumbo... We'll do that anyways! We spent months thinking up prizes that you'll actually enjoy. We hope.

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why matching?

We believe our generation will lead the way in making this building a reality. So much so that we’re ready to place the whole campaign on their shoulders.

On September 1st, we launched an all-or-nothing grassroots campaign to raise $100,000 in 30 days.¹

We are asking you to stand beside the next generation by pledging to fully or partially match the grassroots effort.

Your generous pledges will go towards the $300,000 purchase price of the building. If we fall short of our grassroots goal, you owe us nothing, and your pledge becomes void.

We can't do it without you.

¹ If our campaign is not fully funded in the 30 days, you get to keep all your money. No matter what.

This is all crazy!? Yea it is! Stay up to date!

5 Funding Updates:

1 Fri Oct 05 '12 Announcement from The Banks House 2.0

WE MADE IT!!!! As of 11am EST this morning, we crossed the $100,000 mark. We are so blown away by all your support, and honestly are so humbled that God would blow His Spirit on this vision. Thank you for being willing to take a risk with us!...

2 Fri Sep 28 '12 Announcement from The Banks House 2.0

Just crossed the half way mark!! Praise Jesus. 8 day left... If you think of ANYONE who would be interested in supporting our vision, please help us and spread the word to them! Down to the wire. Fishes and loaves.

3 Thu Sep 27 '12 Announcement from The Banks House 2.0

You guys are amazing!! Here's a little treat. Will's next studio album is being mixed right now and we're so excited to share it with you. We've been working on this album all year, and its finally coming to an end. The album is scheduled to be...

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Need an answer? frequently asked questions.

Will my donations be tax exempt?

Yes! We have filed for United Pursuit Ministries as a 501(c)3, and are currently waiting for the official non-profit status. We have hired the well respected Holbrook Peterson Smith Law Firm to file our 501(c)3 application and are confident the IRS will approve.

How will the building’s operating expenses be funded?

To cover our operating costs, we will provide a monthly live stream subscription service to anyone who cannot physically attend. At $5 a month, we budget it will take roughly 1,000 monthly subscribers to cover our operating costs. With our large global fan base, we foresee growing a healthy monthly subscriber base very quickly. In addition to streaming revenue, we will rent out 8 offices and our music venue for special events.

So are you starting a church?

No. We will continue to be a hub for many young people from many diverse churches. We will make sure our events do not get in the way of local churches to the best of our ability, and we will not ask for monthly tithe to support our building. We encourage everyone to attend and serve in a local church. We believe we are called to support the local church and help her thrive.

Who is your accountability?

United Pursuit Ministries is led by 8 people making up our board of directors. This group represents a diverse team with expertise background and many in current leadership roles with established non-profits. Together we are committed to holding each other accountable in following God's heart as He leads the way in the planning, maintenance, and future of this building. We will continue to be intentional in our relationships with local churches, as our heart is to be a blessing to the churches in this city.

When will my pledge be needed?

We are asking for all pledges to be fulfilled by December 31st, 2012.

How much money are you trying to raise?

We need $300,000 in matching pledges to purchase the building. This will also quadruple the grassroots campaign efforts, turning their $100,000 into $400,000, which is enough to buy AND renovate the building.

Do you have the building under contract?

Yes. We have until January 31st to raise the full purchase price of the building. We have already put $10,000 down in earnest money for the sellers to take the building off the market for the next 6 months.

What type of facilities will the building house?

Music Venue | Shared work space | Multi-use conference room | Coffee Shop | Recording Studio | Private offices | Art gallery | Study area | More²

²We have a lot of dreams for this space- and part of that dream is seeing our communty come alive to dream with us. So we’re making room for that too.

What happens if you fall short of raising $300,000?

If we fail to raise the full amount to purchase the building, we will put all earned money into a bank account, set aside for another building. Then we will start the building hunt again. We’re not giving up.